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Event Coordination & Design

Promotional events and trade shows are a great way to expand your market presence and promote your business, but theres more that goes into them then just handing out pamphlets. Thats where I come in! 


Event Coordination

With this package I will be behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly. From booth selection, to creating social media ads for you to share, to coordinating logistics, and creating a check list to make sure you have everything you need! As someone who has been coordinating corporate events for 4+ years I know the ins and outs of tradeshows. 


Booth Design

Once you decide you want to start exhibiting at local events, you need to decided what you want your booth to look like. With the booth design package we will work together to create the perfect backdrop, table cloth, and any other display you may want to promote your business. I will handle all the design work, and once approved I will order through preferred vendors for you so all you have to do is receive it at your door!

Custom packages are available upon request. We will do an initial consult to decide what you specifically need for you event and price accordingly. 

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